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Linda S. Oliver, DDS

Financial Information

Dental fees are due at the time of service.  Payment options include cash, check, VISA, MASTER CARD,  DISCOVER, and dental insurance.


We accept your insurance but ask that your deductible and non-covered fees be paid at the time of service.  In the event of duplicate payment, your account will be credited or you can be reimubursed.  As a  courtesy, we will file your insurance and do our best to estimate your portion of the payment.


We accept any insurance that you may have but we are not, however, "preferred providers" for any particular insurance company.  Payment for patients with this type of insurance is due at the time of service if the insurance company will not send payment to the dental office.   


Please understand that your dental insurance is a contract betweent the insurance carrier and yourself, not between Linda S. Oliver, DDS and the insurance carrier. 


Care Credit is available as alternate financing for services resulting in $500 or more.  Credit approval is required.



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